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War Games Kick Off Incoming

Coming Tuesday (4/13)

Second Chance (4/13 - 4/15)

On April 13th, there will be a playlist modifier called "second chance". With this mode players will be able to die and then respawn back into the game one time.

Players will respawn at the location of death and gain back all of their weapons. Players will redeploy in the air.

Things to know:

Players will not be able to unlock Assassin, Wake, or Wrath badges while second chance is active.

Ultra Zones (4/15 - 4/19)

This game mode will have zones throughout the map with high tier loot.

The zones will be surrounded by a flash point as well, which will regenerate players shield and HP.

Auto Banners (4/19 - 4/21)

This game mode will allow players to auto retrieve dead player's banners for respawning them back into the game.

Killing Time (4/21 - 4/23)

In this mode, the game time is reduced every time a player is eliminated. So if a bunch of players are eliminated right away, then players better hurry to the next circle.

Armor Regen (4/23 - 4/27)

Armor will regenerate at 12 pts a second. If you are shot, the armor will not start regenerating until 8 seconds have passed.

Oh, and one more thing you should know about this game mode. There are no shield cells.

Make sure to go check out Respawn's full post here.


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