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Zombie Coffin Easter Egg!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Many people have been posting videos on an Easter egg that is in Call of Duty Cold War's popular zombies game mode. This hidden gem is based on a popular meme video that has circulated the internet recently. The image below should remind you of all the hilarious Tik Tok and Instagram videos.

Treyarch, however, decided to make a spin off of this, but instead use zombies. Which made this to be an awesome and quite a fun Easter egg to do.

So how does one accomplish this Easter egg?

Well, let us walk you through the steps in order to achieve your goal of seeing the zombies recreate this well known video.

Activating the Easter egg:

You are going to want to load up a zombies game. Once in the game your primary goal should be to get the pack a punch. Then, while still inside that room, you will want to shoot all of the hidden blue orbs. Once these tasks are completed, you will have triggered the funny, but memorable meme to pop into the game.

There are multiple guide videos to help you out along the way and to describe in more detail what to do.

Check out the link here to see all the videos that can help you.


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