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Hello gamer, on this page you will be able to send me your best gameplay from Apex Legends. Your video will then have a chance to be featured inside the app(Apex Helper) and on  GamrzStrat

Offline: We have ended this project.
Please submit using iCloud URL, Google Drive URL, One Drive, or YouTube URL. Video needs to be 720p and higher. Try to have them be 1080p. Instagram links and other links that are low quality will be thrown out. Also, please only send raw footage (no montages). Thanks 
By hitting submit, you are agreeing to let me (the developer) use your information and video inside ApexHelper and GamrzStrat. As well as uploading it in a compilation format to Youtube. Your video will be combined with other player's videos. This is all done to show off everyone's skills.
I am hoping to release these highlight videos on a weekly basis inside the app. This does depend on submission volume and edit time.
The ApexHelper community is growing. We have almost hit 200,000 users, which is crazy. There will also be a feature to view these videos directly in the app in the near future.

Thanks for submitting!

Don't forget to subscribe to be notified.

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